The legends that surround curses, especially those types of curses that cause a human being to be transformed into another creature — is part of a narrative that spans history through oral traditions around the world. The folklore surrounding these types of legends is varied and is usually deep seeded in the cultural traditions where these stories are told.
In the southern United States, in the state of Louisiana, the Cajun people have tales and lore about such a curse.

A man or a woman is said to start appearing sickly and weak to their friends and family. They start to isolate themselves from friends and family and start to wander or just disappear at night.

After a while, the stories of a wild man-like creature stalking the roads and bayous at night would begin to increase in frequency. Reports of attacks on people, walking home at night, working or hunting would become a familiar tale that you hear around the breakfast table or at the local diner. Missing people, missing pets, and vandalism of various types would start to become a common problem in the community. Children would be warned, the elderly will already know better, and everyone in the community will be on the watch for a particular type of cursed creature — The Rougarou.

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