The Skinwalker: ResurrectionAfter concentrating on Arabic lore in The Hakima’s Tale, it was a pleasure to offer a full-on horror novel based on Native American lore, specifically, the Navajo legend of the Skinwalker. The novel follows the story of Carmella, a young woman who has just moved into her first home after graduation from her university studies. She’s so excited to start a new job and enjoy the joy of being on her own for the first time in her life.

Unknown to her, an entity waits in her home. This entity is the spirit of a deceased woman who embraced dark magic in order to obtain the power of a skinwalker, thereby being able to shift into the form of a human/animal hybrid. The dark power of this demonic spirit is invited into her life when she reads from a book of spells that’s been purposely left in her home by the disciples of this beast.

Her only help comes from two women who own a pagan shop in town and the Navajo tribe and a mysterious ceremony that they’ve inherited through centuries of tradition. Will Carmella escape the possession? Will the Skinwalker live again?

This book is hardcore and pulls no punches as it promises thrills and chills as we follow the journey of Carmella and those who gather by her side. Her ties to the tribe are also revealed, and destiny takes a strange twist as help from the stars arrives.

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