About Blue Jinni Media


Blue Jinni Media is a publishing imprint for books and media created by Dedra L. Stevenson, Rodney W. Harper and various cooperative partners.

In partnership with other independent authors around the world, Blue Jinni Media embraces a shared ideology to help other writers get their stories out and achieve their goals as successful self-published authors. 

Graphic Design, Book Layouts, Web, Audio, and Video Productions are done by Blue Jinni Media and Romeo Whiskey Hotel (Rodney W. Harper).

The website for Blue Jinni Media is at https://bluejinnimedia.com.

The website for Romeo Whiskey Hotel is at https://romeowhiskeyhotel.com.

You may send feedback, requests or general queries to in**@bl************.com or use our contact form at https://bluejinnimedia.com/contact/.

Thank you for choosing our books and please, don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions.