Every person, at some time, has entertained the thoughts of having superpower or mutant abilities – like their favorite comic book characters. The supernatural world is full of beings able to walk through wall, teleport or shift into various creatures. The shapeshifters are a very popular sort of supernatural creature.

Well, there’s one kind of shapeshifter that may not be so popular. In Native American tradition, it actually considered taboo.

Navajo legend tells of a creature, one that can appear as a Wolf, a Coyote, an Owl, a Fox or a Crow. Some say that this creature can, in fact, be any animal form that they wish. The Skinwalker, or (Yeenal gloo-shi) Yenaldlooshi, as it’s been called, has been around a long time, and there have been many sightings and encounters of this beast, but only by studying native culture and tradition can we know the story behind its existence.

(Yeenal gloo-shi) Yenaldlooshi literally means, in Navajo language, “He who trots along here and there on all fours.”

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