The Buchanan Bastard

The Buchanan Bastard

By: Dedra L. Stevenson

High-society debutante Laura Lynn Beauford entered the groovy 1970’s with great expectations.

Newly married to millionaire Brian Buchanan and expecting their first child, heir to the vast Buchanan empire, life could not be sweeter for this Louisiana darling.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the hometown of the Buchanan dynasty, was set to be the best the state had ever seen until a shocking murder plunged Laura Lynn into her worst nightmare. The glamorous debutante is trapped in the surreal world behind bars, desperate to prove her innocence and save her

Larry Beauford, her decorated war hero father and small-town Mayor, is Laura Lynn’s only champion, fighting to clear his daughter’s good name. Can Larry untangle the convoluted threads leading him down the rabbit hole? From Louisiana to the Middle East and Russia, the mystery and danger deepens as Larry races against time to secure the safety of his only daughter and grandchild.