Blue Jinni Media proudly acknowledges more recognition for the award-winning short documentary, Lemonade, that was released in late 2016.

The film is about the struggle of one family in the UAE to find meaning and structure for their adult son with Autism after his special needs school declared him too old to attend.

Dedra L. Stevenson, the acclaimed author and filmmaker, produced the film to highlight the problem that many families in the UAE face.

“There’s still a severe sense of isolation for adults with Autism all around the world. I think there’s a lot more for the younger kids, but after 18, we need to act decisively to make a better life for these disabled adults. After all, as the rate of Autism has now increased to 1 in 59 around the world, we can’t afford to delay any longer. The time to act is now.” Says Dedra, when asked what motivated her to start the film project.

The documentary has been screened all over the UAE and in the USA, Ireland and France. It’s gotten a number of accolades and awards, and almost two years later, still gets screened as a means of spreading awareness of the condition that has swept through the whole world, affecting 1 in 40 boys and 1 in 59 children overall.

Recently, Friday Magazine published a spread on Dedra’s film and two other Autism supermoms and their extraordinary contributions to the cause.

Read the article HERE.

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