by Dedra L. Stevenson

Sample Page from Little Loud Beatrice

eBook Sample Page

Yes, it’s true! I’m writing a children’s series, The Magic Carpet Series, and it promises to be a wild ride into the unlimited universe of the child’s imagination.

My first story, Little Loud Beatrice and the Magic Painting, was inspired by every child that’s ever felt “silenced” when the natural desire to express and create has been suppressed by one negative force or another.

The magical power of positive thinking also plays a large role in the story, because even when Beatrice is feeling down, she spreads joy and positivity to everyone, and by doing so, she changes her environment.

Dedra L. Stevenson - Author

Dedra L. Stevenson, author and screenwriter

There’re dozens of other stories planned, from children and traditions from different times and places, all over the world. The books are illustrated by the artistic genius, LenĂ© Pieters, of Moonberry Studios, and due to the multimedia art that she uses, the illustrations are rich and unforgettable. Each book will be like owning a work of art. I’m so very proud that we’ve combined our talents to bring these stories to the world.

Our next book will be called, Little Lord Ibrahim and the Black Beast, and I’m particularly excited about it, because it features a special protagonist. A lovely young man with a “gift”, a gift he uses to rescue those he loves.

As always, my books are edited and laid out for print by the amazing Mr. Rodney Harper. As a writer, I couldn’t be happier about the phenomenal talent that I’m lucky enough to be surrounded with!

Beatrice should hit the most popular online stores very soon, so stay tuned!!

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