Dedra L. Stevenson and Fanny Rebecca FM have launched a new cookery show, Breaking Bread Around the World, named after Dedra’s cookbook of the same title.

The show will air initially on YouTube but move later on to a more permanent location. Viewers will have the opportunity to watch it free of charge, but the show needs your support to keep going! Watch it, like it, subscribe and share it with all your friends so this independent project can take wing.

Dedra donates a portion of her proceeds from the book to charities that feed the world’s hungry, as the book was inspired by Ramadan. For the last 4 years, she’s been taking social media followers on a culinary journey around the planet, experiencing a different cuisine for each of the 30 days of the holiday.

“It’s a great joy to share the beauty of the world with everyone. Life is very short, and we’re all so blessed to be alive and able to appreciate this lovely planet and people of all colors and creeds. A rainbow garden is always more beautiful than a garden of a single color, and Breaking Bread Around the World helps to bring that point home.” Dedra said when asked how she feels about the Breaking Bread Around the World project.

Find your copy of her book here, available as a Paperback, a Hard Cover and an Ebook. Do your part to bring us together as a human family.

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